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Cleaning a Building

Messy and dirty city centres are a problem. As well as being unpleasant for residents and visitors, a run-down appearance encourages vandalism and abuse. But constant cleaning and frequent maintenance is a heavy recurring expense.

Since 1991, Clean Streets has solved this problem in dozens of cities around the world, from Rome to Arnhem and from New York to Swansea. In fact, in the UK alone we’ve managed contracts for three quarters of all local authorities over the last decade.And our track record in London is particularly impressive: not only have we worked for 75% of London’s boroughs, but we count Transport for London as one of our key clients.

We can do a great deal for you too.With a wide range of services from innovative anti-flyposting treatments to specialist stone cleaning, Clean Streets has the capacity to dramatically reduce maintenance budgets for years to come. In fact,we calculate that most of our anti-flyposting customers see a return on their initial investment in just two years. Larger projects may pay off sooner – and we have the resources to deal with anything from a single street to a complete city centre.

Over the next few pages you’ll learn more about what we can do for you. If you’d like further information, please speak to your Clean Streets representative, who will explain some of our recent projects in detail. In the meantime, read on and find out how to clean up with Clean Streets.

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