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Our unique non-stick, textured coating

Poorly maintained buildings, stations, bridges, subways, underpasses, walls and frontages create a negative image for the city. But cleaning these structures requires particular knowledge and skills.An incompetent cleaning job does more harm than good.

Clean Streets has the expertise, equipment and materials to clean stone, bricks, masonry, cement and many other hard surfaces effectively.The benefits are more than financial, as a well-kept environment discourages vandalism and helps to create a virtuous cycle of behaviour.

Structural cleaning is as important as it is specialised.With Clean Streets, you can have confidence that even the largest projects will be completed expertly and efficiently.

T: +44(0)208 444 6165 F: +44(0)208 365 2865 M: +44(0)7940 560 766 Huntingdon Works, Huntingdon Road, East Finchley, London, N2 9DX

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