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Our Anti-Flyposting System


Cleaning & Graffiti removal services


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Our unique non-stick, textured coating

Posters and graffiti disfigure lamp columns, signposts, bollards, cable cabinets, shopfronts, walls, bridges… almost any surface. Frequent cleaning and removal takes up a large portion of any maintenance budget. It’s hard to find quality contractors with both the expertise and the resources to handle prevention as well as routine annual maintenance.

Clean Streets has both, providing long-term and practical solutions. Our antiflyposting treatments keep almost any surface clean, and are guaranteed to last for 15 years.We’ve even developed a range of different surface textures – from smooth low-profiles to rugged high-poise finishes – and a wide choice of colours. So you can select the right specification for each location. One lump sum dramatically reduces your regular cleaning costs – most of our customers get a return on their money within 24 months.

Large one-off investments alone will not permanently eliminate every problem, however: annual maintenance is essential, together with regular cleaning, touching up and graffiti removal. So Clean Streets offers an effective, low-cost maintenance service to extend the life of street furniture, again saving you money long-term.

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